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Sterri-Matt Hospital Grade Cleaning Solution

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The Next Generation of Mattress & General Equipment Sanitising in Hospitals, Aged Care & General Health Environments. Save Time for Staff, Less Impact to Patients & No Messy Dilution, also ideal for all medical equipment.

Sterri-Matt® Hospital Grade Detergent is an all Australian developed HealthCare Mattress & Equipment Cleaner. using a combination of organic/in organic ingredients to provide an effective anti-bacterial, deodorizing & cleaning solution to hygiene issues. Sterri-Matt® ensures the integrity of medical mattress’s are not affected. Unique application wipe on/wipe off, Hospital Beds can be turn around fast and effectively, with Nurses time being reduced, and Patient impact being  reduced, adds to better care.

Uses for Sterri-Matt® 

  • Hospitals, Aged Care, Medical Facilities
  • Ideal for Deep Cleans.
  • Health  Mattresses, Treatment  Tables, Chairs.
  • Stain Removal, Fecal Removal
  • Deodorises 
  • Fast Dry Application


  • Easy Foam Application
  • Wipe on, Wipe off
  • No Dilution required
  • No Harmful Solvents or Chemicals
  • Effective use of Nurse/Carers Time.
  • Fresh Pleasant Fragrance
  • Less impact to Patients