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Mini LED Supercharged Curing Light

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MiniLED Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering totally safe modes for the tooth and the restoration.

Size: Ø24x201mm
Weight: 160g
Classification: Class I
Base: Radiometer included
Wavelength: 420-480nm

  • 2000mW/cm² (Ø7.5mm light guide)
  • 3000mW/cm² (Ø5.5mm light guide) optional

Fast Mode: The choice of rapidity Full power during 3, 4, 5 or 10 sec, according to the composite thickness
Pulse Mode: Limits temperature rise 5 or 10 flashes of 1 sec for a polymerization in security
Ramping Mode: Avoids composites retraction Progressive power increase during 9 or 15 sec to ensure perfect sealing of the restoration
Control: Base-charger includes a radiometer. The LED light intensity can be controlled anytime with total lightening of the translucent handpiece holder
Visibility: Luminous screen with customisable modes and times, count curing time and load indicator