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Mini LED Standard Curing Light

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Simple, the Acteon MiniLED Standard lamp still outperforms in power, efficiency and speed

Size: Ø23x200mm
Weight: 160g
Classification: Class I
Base: Radiometer included
Wavelength: 420-480nm

  • 1250mW/cm² (Ø7.5mm light guide)
  • 2000mW/cm² (Ø5.5mm light guide) optional

Fast: Only 6 to 12 sec to polymerize 2mm of any composite
Optimal result: 3 modes to fit all clinical needs

  • FAST MODE: Fast and easy. Full power during 10 sec (bip at 5 sec) on regular depth
  • PULSE MODE: Ally rapidity and safety. 10 flashes of 1 sec (bip after 5 flashes) with times off to preserve dental pulp
  • RAMPING MODE: No stress cracking. Progressive power increase during 20 sec (bip every 5 sec) for a complete and safe curing

Safety: Base-charger includes a radiometer for light power intensity check-up