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MediByte® Type 3 HST Recorder

Using patent-pending technology and designed to exceed new guidelines, this next generation screener overcomes the many limitations of current devices. Constructed of smooth ABS plastic with extra-strength lockable LEMOTM connectors, the MediByte® was designed for durability and reliability. Weighing less than three ounces, it is ideal for both adult and pediatric studies. Side wings attach the unit to the chest effort belt so that a holding strap is not required. On-board oximetry, pressure and body position sensors eliminate external transducers.

An auxiliary (AUX) port provides a high sample rate channel for a variety of applications, including sound, EKG and EMG. Use the sensitive snore microphone for high-frequency snoring analysis and a quantitative dB sound level. Use EKG electrodes for 24-hour holter monitoring or EMG electrodes to record bruxism or other movement events.

An oversized, tactile push-button allows the patient to indicate specific events during a recording. Studies are stored on the internal memory and downloaded via a USB computer connection.

This recorder represents a new generation screening device that can be used for a number of different applications.

Everything you need MediByte® Kit

1) Oximetry finger probe
2) Snore microphone
3) Two RIP Respiratory effort belts 4) Six oronasal cannulae
5) EKG/EMG lead yoke adapter 6) Prep. accessories
7) Leg EMG
8) Airflow Thermistor