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Lisa VA


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W&H Lisa type-B water steam sterilizer, for the safe sterilization of solid, hollow and porous products in accordance with the EN13060.

  • User interface and user-friendly menu structure
  • Advanced patented Eco Dry technology enables Class B cycles with a reduced cycle time of 30 minutes for 2 kg of load
  • Full traceability via Wi-Fi connection and Mobile App for Real Time Remote Monitoring (Remote Wi-Fi kit)
  • Revised design with minimized gaps for simple cleaning
  • Guided maintenance animations displayed on touch screen
  • Ethernet connection allows four sterilizers to share one label printer
  • Battery-operated door opening tool
  • Fast cycle for handpieces
  • Programmable cycle start
  • Automatic water filling valve
  • Water separation system, dust filter and water quality sensor
  • Modular front feet
  • Lisa is available with chamber size 17 l or 22 l